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Hi, thanks for stopping by! My name is Amy. I’m a mom to three awesome kids and a very supportive husband. I love chocolate, playing sports, photography, math, music, and most of all being with my family. I am always up for a challenge and learning new things. Being a stay at home mom has been a huge blessing in my life! I can volunteer at my kid’s school, go running with friends, be there for a sick child, and support my husband in his job. I believe if someone wants the freedom to stay home and work from home, they should do it! I am extra blessed that I have found a myriad of ways to earn money from home! I love adding to our family vacation budget, saving money on groceries, and knowing that I am contributing to our family’s income journey!


My journey to make money from home started back in 2006. It was shortly after our first child was born, we bought our first house, and I wanted to decorate. My husband and I decided that whatever money I could make from home could be used to buy the unnecessary random decor that I had been eyeing at Hobby Lobby. A few weeks later I started tutoring math, couponing, and then got excited at the possibilities of working during naptime and bedtime! Since then I have started two successful Etsy shops, tutored, made passive income through stock photography, taught piano lessons, earned money with POD (print on demand) sites, day traded stocks, and the list goes on.

I began in July 2016 to show you how much I make from my various side hustles, what works, and what doesn’t. Follow me in My Income Journey and you’ll learn how to decrease your spending and increase your income all from home! Our monthly finances have improved by thousands each month thanks to what I do, and it only takes a small amount of time. I work when I can, take care of the kids, the house, the shopping, the cleaning, the husband, etc. I am here to help you on your income journey! Stay in touch by joining my email list below and I’ll send you tips, tutorials, coupons, and all exclusive members-only content! Let’s start this financial journey by making money, saving money, and being home!

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