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There’s one more week before summer break and little do my piano students know, but I have a fun project in store for them. Introducing….the Summer Piano Composition Challenge!

I don’t take the summer off from teaching piano. It’s tempting, definitely tempting, but I find that my students can progress a ton over the summer. Without homework and school to distract them, they typically have more time to practice, are more relaxed, and I’ve even had parents ask me to give their children more piano work over the summer break. I do take time off for family vacations and my students usually miss a bit here and there, but overall I enjoy teaching through the summer.

This is my first summer where I’m assigning this composition challenge and I can’t wait to see what my students come up with! I hope this will become a tradition they look forward to. I know it will improve their music reading abilities, composition skills, and allow them to express themselves through music. Here’s how it will work – they will have all of June, July, and August to complete their piece, they will bring their song in each week so I can help them and monitor their progress, at the end they’ll get some sort of prize or award for completing it. I’m also hoping to have them swap songs with another student and learn each other’s pieces in the future.

I’m happy to share my resources with you for FREE. Click on the image below to download the pdf with the instructions to give your students. I’ll also include a pdf with composition paper for you to give to use. If you have a child that takes piano but their teacher takes the summer off, then this is a great resource that you could use as their parent to encourage them to play through the summer. Or if you’re a teacher and you take the summer off, give this to your students to work on and they can complete it without you. I’m really excited about this and will keep you updated on its success. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on this fun piano journey! I’ll be updating this site with tips for composing and other resources you don’t want to miss!


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