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Today I used ibotta for the first time and am very happy with it! It had been recommended to me by lots of friends, but I had a really old cell phone that didn’t have enough memory to download any more apps so I couldn’t use it. It was very frustrating. Well my sweet husband randomly bought me a new phone last week and now I’m downloading all the money saving coupons and apps I wasn’t able to use before!


Here’s how ibotta works, it’s free to sign up and if you use my link you’ll get a $10 credit as soon as you’ve used your first rebate. So definitely use this link here. After you’ve signed up, you unlock rebates for products you want to buy. It’s really easy to unlock rebates, you watch a video that’s a few seconds long or answer one question, nothing big or time consuming. Once the rebate is unlocked you go shopping and buy that item. You can link your store loyalty card to your ibotta account or you can take a picture of your receipt so ibotta knows you purchased the item. Ibotta has it all set up so it’s easy to do either one. Once your purchase is verified, the rebate amount is added to your account. I got a $1 rebate today for buying juice and it was added to my account within an hour. Once your account reaches $20 you can have the money transferred to a Paypal or Venmo account.

If you want to save money on groceries, this app is a must! It works with all the major stores like Walmart, Target, Safeway, Kroger, Costco, etc. I’ll be talking more about ibotta the more I use it and will keep you updated on awesome deals that come up. If you’re ready to save some extra money, sign up here and give it a try!

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