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When I started couponing in 2009 I had a phone that was pay per text and definitely wasn’t smart. Technology has changed our lives in so many ways including how we coupon. My shopping strategy in 2016 is not the same as back in 2009. These apps listed below are a must have to cut your shopping expenses. If you take advantage of these resources and spend a small amount of time being deliberate about your shopping then you’ll see why this new trend in coupon apps is so popular. If you haven’t read my article, “How to Coupon Without the Extreme”, I recommend reading it to get the full picture of how to cut your grocery spending. These apps are just one piece of the food shopping puzzle.

This page contains ads/affiliate links. See my full disclosure for details.

Top Grocery Coupon Apps

1.  Ibotta

Ibotta is my favorite grocery shopping app! It’s been around since 2011, has over 50,000 5-star app reviews, and is very user friendly. This is how it works: before you go shopping you unlock the rebates you plan on using. You unlock a rebate by doing a simple task like answering a one question survey or watching a short video. You can get rebates on specific items or generic things like a loaf of bread. After the rebates are unlocked you go shopping as usual. After you’ve bought the products that match the rebates you scan their barcode and then submit a photo of your receipt. Ibotta will deposit the rebate into your Ibotta account within 48 hours. You can transfer the money from your ibotta account to Paypal, Venmo, or request a gift card once you’ve reached $20. If you use my link to sign up for ibotta, you’ll get $10 in your account right now! Gotta love free money! If you aren’t already using ibotta then you’re missing out, they’re awesome! There are many apps that function the same as ibotta, but ibotta has the most rebates that match up with what I regularly buy and that’s why I rank them as #1.


2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is very similar to ibotta and I highly recommend it too! Here’s how it works: every Thursday morning they update their offers, all you have to do is go shopping like normal and buy the offers that they’re currently featuring, then upload a photo of your receipt through their app or website. Once your account reaches $20 they’ll mail you a check.  One thing I like about them is that you can use your computer or phone to upload your receipts so if you don’t have a smartphone you don’t miss out on their deals. Some offers can be claimed multiple times, you can shop at any store, and the app is very easy to use! Definitely give them a try if you haven’t already!


3. MobiSave

MobiSave is right up there with ibotta and checkout51. They have the same style rebate format – select your items, go shopping, take a picture of your receipt, and get cash back. It’s so easy! A few highlights about MobiSave – shop at any store, get paid within 24 hours, and best of all is there’s no minimum for a payout. The money goes right to your Paypal account after it’s been approved! That’s a huge bonus that I love about MobiSave! The money gets credited back to you so quickly and easily and you don’t have to request it. If you’d be so kind to use my referral code it’s VQNOJCPU.


4. Cartwheel by Target

Cartwheel is an app specifically for Target and not a rebate app like the previous three I’ve mentioned. If you’re shopping at Target and not using Cartwheel then you’re missing out. Cartwheel is an app that offers 5% – 50% off a variety of items at Target. It’s very easy to use and I always check it when I’m shopping at Target. You simply select the offers you plan to use, then have your barcode the app created on your phone scanned when you check out, the money is taken off at the register. You can use Cartwheel in addition to your 5% Taget card savings and in addition to Target coupons.


5. Walmart Savings Catcher

I don’t normally shop at Walmart because they don’t have the sales cycles or coupon doubling that makes my coupon strategy work. However, when I do shop there or for those of you that regularly do then you’ll want this app. Walmart’s Savings Catcher will match the lowest competitor’s price to the same product you bought at Walmart. For example, if you buy laundry detergent at Walmart for $3 and another store is advertising the same detergent for $2.50, then you’ll get $.50 credited to your account. The money in your account can be used towards a Walmart gift card and there’s no minimum payout necessary. This app is very easy to use, all you have to do is scan the bottom of your receipt with the app or enter your receipt code online and the app does the price matching. Just to let you know, this doesn’t work with store advertised sales like buy one get one free or buy 5 save $5 (which happens at Kroger a lot). That is why I still save more money by shopping at other stores besides Walmart, but when I do shop there I scan my receipt just in case.


6. Shopmium

Shopmium is another app where you upload a photo of your receipt and they give you money back. It’s simple to use, there’s no minimum payout, and money can be deposited into Paypal or your bank account. The only things stopping me from using Shopmium more often is they don’t accept receipts from Kroger or its affiliates (King Soopers, Smiths, etc.) and that’s where I typically shop. They do have good rebates though and if you use my referral link you can get a free Lindt chocolate bar! Be sure to enter this code to get your free chocolate: KYGKMHGH.


7. BerryCart

BerryCart is a money saving app for healthy food only. It’s all about organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It’s similar to ibotta and the others in how it works. First you select the food you’re planning on buying, then you learn a quick little fact about it, the rebate is loaded to your account and you claim it by submitting a photo of your receipt. Within 24 hours BerryCart will send you money that can be through PayPal or a gift card. Super easy and it rewards healthy eating!


8. SavingStar

SavingStar is another option for uploading a photo of your receipt and getting money back. One difference with SavingStar is they reward you for buying lots of the same item (which I like to do when I stock up on good sales). They offer many rebates similar to “spend $14 on detergent, save $4”. You can cash out once you have $5 in your account and it can be transferred to a Paypal account or bank account. They aren’t as quick to approving your receipts as some of the other apps I’ve mentioned and they ask for 2 – 22 days to send you the money.


9. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog adds a fun twist to the receipt submitting arena. They’re actually a market research company that focuses on consumer goods. You send them a photo of your receipt and instead of getting money back on specific items (like the coupon apps above), you get coins. You can use your coins to play and win on their virtual slot machines, take paid surveys, win trips, and more! You can also redeem your coins for money via Paypal or Amazon gift card. The amount of coins you have isn’t linear with the payout amount. For example, 1000 coins = $5 and 4500 coins = $30 so it’s best to be patient before cashing out.


10. Ebates

I love Ebates! I’m listing it as #10 here because it isn’t a grocery money savings app for the most part, but it is a great way to save money on pretty much all online shopping. If you’re shopping virtually anywhere, check ebates first. You can save money at Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, Groupon, etc. All you do is click the link through ebates and then do your normal online shopping. You’ll receive a percentage back on what you’ve spent. Ebates will mail you a check every quarter if you have over $5 in your account. It’s that simple. If you use my link to sign up then you’ll get a $10 bonus after making your first purchase.


If you haven’t started taking advantage of these awesome money-saving apps then sign up now. They’re all free and can be used in addition to paper coupons and ecoupons. Let me know if you have any questions about these or if you have any apps you’d recommending adding to the list! Happy Saving!!

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    1. That’s too bad you don’t like ibotta. They typically match up with a lot of manufacturer coupons and sales for me. I also like that they offer generic rebates. Yesterday I got .25 for bread, .25 for cereal, .25 for milk, and .25 for bananas. My only complaint with them is sometimes unlocking the rebates is a hassle if I’m in a hurry to go shopping. But finding what works for you is what’s important!

  1. I shop at a Shaw’s (Starmarket) where we live. This grocery chain has its own app with coupons. I like that it’s tailored to the specific store that I love to frequent!

  2. I have always wondered if Target Cartwheel was a paid for thing so thankfully I found this post to clarify that for me! I love Walmart Savings Catcher. I don’t get a lot back from it surprisingly but it’s nice when I do and it reassures me I am getting the best deal in town!

  3. Ibotta was okay but it never had any coupons / rebates that either I wanted to use or made the product cheaper than the generic (other than of course their generic rebates). I much prefer apps like receipt hog that give you something for every receipt.

  4. I’m a HUGE fan of eBates and Checkout51. I’ve received cheques in the mail for money I wasn’t expecting (and isn’t that always awesome??). I need to check out the other apps on your list 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed this list! I personally do use all of these myself, so it was nice to see someone else on the same page. Ibotta’s generics are what I enjoy the most as well as checkout 51’s select your own veggie/fruit offer every week. Thanks for the great list!

  6. Hey, check out Fetch Rewards. It’s a new app that turns your grocery receipts into rewards. Save on over 180 brands EVERY time they’re on your receipt, with over $10 in bonus points available, and rotating exclusive special offers. And all you do is scan your grocery receipt! Use my referral code, A4ANU and you’ll get 1,500 Fetch Points ($1.50 in points!) when you complete one receipt. Download now at You get gift cards to all the usual places starting at just $3 all the way up to $50. You can use receipts from ANY STORE. NOT GONNA GET RICH BUT I EARNED $10 GIFT CARD TO WALMART IN 1 MONTH. NOT bad for just taking pic of receipts and verifying items when needed. PLEASE don’t forget to use my referral code. A4ANU THANK YOU.

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