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Trading and investing are two different ways to increase your wealth using the financial market. In general, investing typically takes a longer amount of time to let your investment grow. Investing can include 401k, mutual funds, buying stock, rental housing, gold, etc. These investments typically ride out the ups and downs of their markets with the hope of gaining value over the long run. Trading involves more frequent buying and selling. Traders are generally looking for shorter-term gains. Trading frequency may vary from day traders to swing traders, but all are looking to increase their income in the near future with their trades. While both trading and investing have their risks, they can be a beneficial tool to helping you on your income journey.

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Investment Companies

Trade King Advisors – Professionally managed personalized portfolios.

LearnVest – Get a dedicated financial planner and a personalized plan to help you meet your investing, debt, or retirement goals.

The Street – Join Jim Cramer’s investing club and learn how to build your portfolio.

Personal Capital – Track your money, get expert advice, and get custom investing strategies.

Motif Investing – Get up to $150 when you start trading.

eToro – Trade with confidence on the world’s leading social trading network.

Betterment – Customize your portfolio and easily sync your outside investments.

SilverGoldBull – Investing in gold and silver.

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