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100 Ways to Earn Money from Home

There are so many opportunities to make money from home. Below is a list of 100 ideas to get you started. I began working from home back in 2006 after my first baby was born. Since then I have tried a myriad of ways to bring in extra income. The flexibility working from home provides me is invaluable. I can be here if a child is sick and missing school, I can work 20 hours one week and 2 hours the next, I can go on field trips and volunteer in their classrooms, and I love learning and trying new things! If you’re looking to work from home so you can have the freedom to spend more time with your kids, earn a little extra cash each month, or sleep in until 10:00 and work in your pajamas, then take a look below and get started today!

This page contains ads/affiliate links. See my full disclosure for details.

100 Ways to Earn Money from Home

1. Start a Blog – I began making money my third month blogging. Write about what you love and get paid to do it! See how here.

2. Sell Stock Photography – I’ve been selling stock photos since 2015 and now enjoy passive income every month. Check out my favorite stock photo sites here.

3. Open an Etsy Shop – I’ve ran two successful Etsy shops. They’re easy to setup and Etsy brings the traffic to you. Sell photography, art, crafts, and more!

4. Have a Garage Sale – I love garage sales! If you have one and you’re selling LEGOs let me know. (-:

5. Babysitting or Daycare – So many parents need quality daycare while they’re at work. If you’re home with your kids, why not get paid to take care of some friends for your kids to play with?

6. Take Surveys or do Microjobs – I do lots of these! See my post about my top survey companies here.

7. Hairdresser – Trust me, you don’t want my advice here. This is not a skill I have, but I have friends that are talented and cut  hair from their homes.

8. Sell Old Electronics and Gift Cards – Check out BuyBackWorld to sell old cell phones, computers, cameras, gift cards, and more!

9. Tutor – My first work at home gig was tutoring math. Great pay, worked during my baby’s nap, loved it!

10. Create an App – My plan is to get my kids to develop an app because they’ll probably know how before I do, plus it’s such a valuable skill and you can make good money!

11. Pet Sitting – How fun does this sound? Your kids could definitely help out too!

12. Sell a Skill on Fiverr – from proofreading to website building, you can sell your gig for $5 or more.

13. Become a Mock Juror – sites like pay you to review cases and leave your feedback.

14. Join Swagbucks – get paid to watch videos, play games, search the web, answer surveys, etc. Sign up here.

15. Apply Fake Eyelashes – I have a friend who makes $60/hr with this one skill.

16. Music Teacher – One of my favorite ways to earn money right now is teaching piano. Any musical skill can bring in extra income and it’s a wonderful way to share your passion and talents.

17. Run a Day Camp or Club – after school chess, summer art camp, LEGO engineering, princess ballet camp, etc.

18. Transcription – there are many sites like athreon that pay for medical, business, media, and police transcription.

19. Foster Parent – huge commitment and takes a special person, but I have friends that are a blessing to kids’ lives and earn money taking care of them while their family can’t.

20. Ironing/Laundry Services – other than pickup/drop off you can do this from your own home.

21. Proof Reader – get paid to read other people’s books, articles, thesis, etc.

22. Gigwalk – find a gig in your area and get paid to complete it. Some take 5 minutes, some 5 hours.

23. Print On Demand Sites – sell your photography, art, or graphic designs on tshirts, mugs, pillows, and more.

24. Sell Your Plasma – My mom hated that I did this in college, but it was the easiest $30 I ever made!

25. Direct Sales – Mary Kay, Younique, DoTerra, etc.

26. Amazon Mechanical Turk – Amazon company where other companies pay you to complete small tasks that you can do online.

27. Technical Writer – depending on your level of expertise you can make a good amount of money with technical writing

28. Preschool Teacher – have fun teaching little ones during the day

29. Social Media Consultant – help businesses, bloggers, and individuals build their social media presence.

30. Inbox Dollars – similar to Swagbucks, get paid to do surveys, watch videos, shopping, etc. Sign up here.

31. Web Designer – after starting your own website, get paid to help others design theirs.

32. Massage Therapist – help others relieve stress, recover from ailments, or just relax.

33. Mystery Shopper – secretly evaluate stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, and more.

34. Freelance Writer – even without a blog of your own you can get paid to write about your expertise.

35. Home Health Care – assist elderly, disabled, or chronically ill individuals in your area.

36. Software Developer – learn to code and sell your software

37. Day Trading Stocks – I day traded stocks for 18 months and earned about $3,000.

38. Website Tester – earn $10 per test with User Testing.

39. Translator – if you already speak more than one language you can become a translator.

40. Stock Photo Reviewer – work for a stock photos sites by reviewing other people’s photos.

41. Virtual Assistant – provide professional, technical, or social support to a business or individual.

42. The Source – do mystery shopping, merchandising audits, shop-alongs, etc.

43. Rent Your Stuff – let people use your vacuum, camera, car, etc. for a specified time

44. Substitute Teaching – although not from home, you can pick the days you work and how often or even work at your kid’s school

45. Teach Reading – teach 4 & 5 year olds to read using this awesome book I used for my kids.

46. Advertise on Your Car – get paid to put a car wrap or window display on your car as you drive around.

47. WeGoLook – perform tasks like delivering mother’s day flowers, standing in line for someone, or verifying a product is at a store.

48. Rent Out a Room or Basement in your House

49. Sell Old Books – through Amazon or AbeBooks

50. Listen to and Rate Music – musicxray pays you to listen to songs.

51. Visit Stores and Get Paid – Earn gift certificates through Shopkick just for visiting stores, you don’t even need to buy anything.

52. Give Small Business Advice – check out

53. Get Paid to Tweet – try paidpertweet

54. Pick Hourly Jobs – at PeoplePerHour you can apply for available jobs like proof reading, logo design, etc.

55. Write a Book – with Amazon self publishing you don’t need an agent.

56. Baby Planner – baby planning companies offer advice for new parents from baby proofing to delivery tips.

57. Advice Giver – check out Ether and sign up to give marriage advice, financial advice, tech support, etc.

58. Grant Writer – help individuals and businesses write persuasive proposals to get grants for their cause.

59. Illustrator – create illustrations for children’s books, videos, apps, info graphics, and more.

60. Personal Chef – use your cooking expertise to create meals for other families

61. Sell Kids Clothes – places like Once Upon a Child or threadUP

62. Pet Groomer – if you have a knack for working with wet dogs, this might be right up your alley and you can setup shop in your home.

63. Seamstress – I think the word ends in “stress” for a reason, but if you have sewing skills then simple things like hemming pants can make you extra money.

64. Apple Home Advisor – yep, work for Apple as customer support from your home.

65. Software Reviewer – places like Software Judge pay you up to $50 to review software.

66. SEO consultant – Every blogger, business owner, or online presence can use one of these!

67. Car Cleaning – people will pay for this service just like house cleaning.

68. Yard Care – mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow.

69. Participate in Medical Studies – check out if you feel comfortable using yourself to advance science.

70. SalesRoads – do lead generation and sales from home.

71. Sell on Craigstlist – you can sell almost anything: baby clothes, electronics, tickets, bikes, etc.

72. Affiliate Marketing – this is the #1 revenue generator on my site. Check out FlexOffers, ShopHer Media, and ShareASale to name a few.

73. Voice Overs – if you have a unique or broadcast-worthy voice you can make good money this way.

74. House Sitter – if someone is leaving for an extended period of time you can earn money to live at their house while they’re away.

75. Bake Cookies, Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, etc. – who isn’t willing to pay for freshly baked goods?

76. Fix Computers – my husband has been offered money to do this, there’s definitely a need for good computer repair or tech help.

77. Join a Focus Group – universities, companies, or other organizations are always on the look for focus group members.

78. MobileWorks – virtual work opportunities

79. Resell Items – find a niche and learn about a product that has good resell value, then buy low and sell high.

80. Indeed – check Indeed for regularly updated remote job positions.

81. Xerox – Xerox has more than 8,000 employees that work from home doing things from data entry, image tagging, tech support, etc.

82. Teach an Online Class – check out Udemy or Skillshare.

83. Search Engine Evaluator – Appen is hiring social media and search engine evaluators for short-term projects or full time.

84. Test Websites – help companies improve their websites on phones, tablets, and computers at WhatUsersDo.

85. Sell Your Coupons – print them out, find newspapers, ask neighbors for their ads and then sell your coupons to extreme couponers.

86. Post on Social Media – if you have a good following you can get paid to advertise on your accounts.

87. Moderate Forums – many popular forums pay people to moderate them so check with any forums you participate in if they’re hiring.

88. Photo Booth Rental – this takes a little money upfront, but once you own a photo booth you can rent it out for parties, weddings, etc.

89. Ebates – use Ebates when shopping online. Use this link and you’ll get $10 just for signing up.

90. Recycle – you can get money for recycling scrap metal, tennis balls, cooking oil, and more.

91. Invest Your Money – different than day trading, give short-term investing a try with Betterment, Motif Investing, or TDAmeritrade.

92. Bookkeeping – you don’t have to be a CPA to earn money as a bookkeeper.

93. Write Slogans – check out Slogan Slingers to earn money with your creativity.

94. Lose Weight – you can actually get paid money to lose weight. See Healthy Wage for details.

95. Calligraphy – create personalized calligraphy cards or art.

96. Teach English to non-English speakers.

97. Become a Gopher – visit Postmates and earn up to $25+/hr delivering, picking up, or doing assignments.

98. YouTube – make instructional videos on YouTube.

99. Leaflet Distribution – get out and get some exercise while making money

100. Temp Agency – sign up with your local temp agency to get jobs that fit your schedule

I hope this list will help you get started on your journey to make money from home. Sign up for my newsletter to get money saving tips, more work from home ideas, and stay up to date on

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  1. Wow! You definitely put a lot of work on the list. I can do some of those thanks to you. It’s my second month blogging. I’m hoping I can atleast make a penny on third month.

  2. Wow this is such a great list with something for literally everyone! We all have skills that we don’t even recognized as valuable and they could bring in some money.

  3. Wow! That’s quite a list. You’ve compiled a lot of great ways to add some extra income each month. There are some great ideas here.

  4. I left teaching to work from home. I started a blog and run an in-home day care. It’s a win-win for me and my daughter. I get to be home with her and she gets to interact with other children.

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