I started taking piano lessons from my mom when I was 6 years old. She taught me a love for music that I will always be grateful for. She also taught me that you can make money from a hobby you love and share that passion with others. From playing at weddings, performing background music at Nordstroms, and teaching neighborhood kids, the ability to play the piano has brought joy, games, laughter, and extra income to our family. Even if you aren’t a musician, you most likely have a talent that you’d enjoy teaching others that you can earn money with. You can have a basketball camp, teach hair braiding, chess lessons, art classes, etc. Share your passion and give others the opportunity to develop their talents.

Teaching Piano

Tips for Teaching Your First Piano Lesson – Introduction, lesson outline, free printables!

Piano Composition Student Challenge – Summer comopsing challenge I give my students.

Best Beginner Piano Books – My favorite early student books and why I recommend them.

My Income Reports – See how much I earn teaching piano from home.


Selling Music

How to Make Money Selling Music – Compose your own songs and sell them online.

Noteflight – Great resource for creating professional songs that you can sell.



Sheet Music Plus – Shop from the largest selection of online sheet music.

Amazon Piano Books – Thousands of awesome books for you and your students.

Virtual Sheet Music – Classical sheet music downloads.

Making Music Fun – Great website with lots of free music printables.



Piano Notebook Cover

Assignments Sheet

Musical Alphabet Cards

Left/Right Hand Fingering

Staff Paper

Student Composition Challenge

Sheet Music Plus Piano