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This past week I found an awesome website called Noteflight that I want to share with you. I used it to make my piano student’s compositions into professional-looking music. Remember over the summer when I launched my “Summer Piano Composition Challenge“? I had all my piano students compose their own original pieces. Some of them loved it, some dreaded it, but now that said and done they all think it was fun and want to do it again!

Here’s a before and after of how their songs looked when they wrote them and now how they look all printed out.


Noteflight has a basic plan that is free, that’s what I used to create my student’s songs. Then there’s upgraded programs that cost money. A few highlights about the site: it’s easy to use and you don’t have to download any software, you can try the free version and make sure you like it before upgrading (no credit card needed for free account), you can keep the scores private or share them with other Noteflight users, and the kids get a kick out of listening to their songs be played by a computer!

I’m not a Noteflight affiliate, I just wanted to pass this great resource on to any of you with musical children or that are music teachers. All my kids are excited about composing and are having a blast playing around with Noteflight!


How to Make My Kids Day!!

If you want to make my kids feel totally awesome, you can buy their songs through my Etsy shop, here. I told them I’d help them sell their pieces and I’d split the money with them. They get $.50 each for a purchase, I get $.05, and Etsy gets $.20. (-:¬† So if you want to support my budding entrepreneurs in their income journey, you can do it for only $1.25!


Below are a few tutorial if you’re interested in how Noteflight works.

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